Vendito - Formteile individuell und sicher

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Our mission

  • VENDITO focuses on companies that are producing or using pieces or assemblies made out of injection moulded plastics or metal like aluminium, steel and iron. It tries to bring purchase departments and sales departments of such products together.
  • Many companies, high qualified specialists in manufacturing such products, do not have the resources or knowledge to acquire new clients. They also have problems to meet the requirements of customer communication and management. On the one hand these companies are able to realize the most difficult projects and offer high quality products while they cannot place them on the market. On the other hand there are many buyers loosing time on searching an adequate business partner.
  • Our business is to bring these two parties together. We offer various services like Marketing, Organization, Consulting and Quality Management to satisfy our clients' needs. We accompany them from first business contact until a stable business partnership is established.

Our offer

  • Development of optimal solutions for the technical and individual needs of our customers.
  • Selection of high qualified suppliers and continuous monitoring of their capacity to reach our customers requirements
  • Consultancy (e.g. technical advice and organization) for all suppliers processes until the clients receives his goods
  • We guarantee that suppliers accomplish contractual determined quality and help them to get needed certifications
  • Monitoring delivery conditions (e.g. delivery dates and quantities)
  • Coordination of various suppliers, orders and deliveries for assemblies

Vantage for our customers

  • One competent partner for your needs, even if you need different parts from multiple suppliers
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Access to reliable, flexible and audited suppliers which offer the required products and quality

Our customers

  • Purchasing, production, construction and development departments of all businesses

Our partners are your suppliers

  • We expand our network of partners from plastics and metal industry constantly. We are looking forward to welcome new suppliers.

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